Photographer Jorge Peniche, a native of Los Angeles, CA, embarked on his photographic journey in 2006 by shooting photographs for hip-hop heavyweight The Game. Having been put in the fast lane by working with an artist of Game’s caliber, Peniche acted swiftly and capitalized on the opportunity to work with the iconic hip-hop MC as well as with other well-established figures in the industry. In the years since then, Peniche’s photography has evolved and has grown exponentially. Peniche’s multi-faceted personality becomes apparent through his entrepreneurial spirit and lineage of work within photography as well as within entertainment projects.

“I feel truly blessed to be able to work with the individuals I work with today. Photography has opened my eyes to the beauty and reality which exists in our world, and has allowed me to exercise my other fortes in the industry simultaneously. Every time the shutter closes on my camera, I am privileged to document a unique moment of my subject’s life.”

Peniche’s images reflect the world through a kaleidoscope of subjects, from shooting in the trenches of the world’s most notorious gang neighborhoods to shooting in the most lavish abodes sitting atop hills overlooking the world he roams. His work is unique, and seeks to create iconic images that will represent a generation’s history. His work has graced the pages of several countries’ major magazines including the United States, the Philippines, Germany, Japan, Australia, and the list continues to grow.

“Photography brings me great peace and satisfaction. It allows me to paint a picture through my lens, and the pictures I paint reflect stories of success, struggle, fun, uncertainty, glamour, sex, and the many vices we face in our world today.”

Peniche’s journey has merely begun, and his work ethic and uncanny talent will stand witness to his inevitable success. Intelligent and intuitive are two words that can best describe Peniche. He is a young force to be reckoned with and will bring forth innovation and timeless visual masterpieces for years to come.

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