Visit to John Muir High

I’ve been blessed abundantly with opportunities throughout my career as a photographer. Every once and a while I receive  requests from High Schools and Colleges to go speak to their students about a range of different subjects pertaining to my career. In the past I’ve spoken about the necessity of Art Education in public schools and the biased hierarchy of subjects that exists in our school system. More recently I was invited to John Muir High School in Pasadena, CA to speak  about the importance of networking to a group of students that pertained to a program known as  MPYD (Mentoring and Partnership for Youth Development). During my conversation with the students we spoke about the different element of networking such as quality vs quantity relationships, overcoming shyness, finding your passion, and Web 2.0. The students were very receptive of the ideas and our conversation was engaging. It’s always exciting to see fresh young faces eager and willing to learn about something that will enrich their lives. Thank you to Johnny Kirk for inviting me to speak to his students, and thank you to the MPYD students for their time and hospitality.

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